Party and Meetingroom in Pargas
Villa Reuter—–Conservatory—–Cellar—–Livingroom—–Sauna—–Boathouse—–Accomodation

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Meetingroom in Pargas

Our conservatory is a perfect place for meetings of all kinds. You sit in the middle of nature very close to the see enjoying good food in an inspirational environment. Decissions are made easily when the participants enjoy the moment.

In the evening when the candlelight reflects in the windows the atmosphere is festive


We arrange all types of parties for companys and private in our conservatory. In evening when we light the candles and you see the reflection in all windows the atmosphere is festive. The dinner we prepear is made with care and the tabelware is choosen to fit the happening. We do everything to make your party a success.


Our kitchen make all food by using fresh locale ingredients if possible, following seasonal varieties. The fish, mushrooms and berries are from the surroundings close to the Villa Reuter and usually picked by ourselves.

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