Fishing in the Archipelago

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Kalastus Turun saaristossa Fishing in the Archipelago
In the water close to Villa Reuter you may fish with rod from the pier or with fishingnets from the rowingboat. In early spring you get whitefish and baltic herring and during summer perchpike and pike, in winter burbot.The rowingboat in the boathouse is free to use and there we also have some fishing equipment for you. For 50,00€/day  you can rent the old motorboat.



In one hour with motorboat we take you to our place in the northern Archipelago LEMPNÄS  where fishing with rod from the shore gives you a great chance to catch some pike.With a small motorboat we take you out to the small surrounding islands. If you want we prepear lunch for you during the day. We charge 500€ for the transport and 20€/person for lunch.For the use of the motorboat and fishingequipment we don’t charge anything.




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