The Lempnäs Island

Fishing in the Archipelago


The Place

Lempnäs is an island in the northern part of the archipelago. In the Northeast part of the island we have 2 old farms with a lot of small buildings. The place is representative for how life was in early 1900 century. Here you don’t have any conveniences, not even electricity.


In the boathouse we have a small motorboat that you can use to reach the small surrounding islands. The long shore in different directions also makes fishing from the shore easy.


In the mainbuildings and a smaller building we arrange accomodation. If you want to stay over the night we can heat the sauna and you may enjoy the ascetic living withouth electricity with oil-lamps and candels. Here the stars are bright and you are very close to nature.

In the motorboat there is an inverter that gives 220V and if needed you may charge your phones and notebooks.

Kalastusta Turun saaristossa

Kalastusta Turun saaristossa

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